Welcome to the official website of the [LCDLC] Urban Terror Clan

SERVER #1 24 slots --- [LCDLC] Eagle 24/7
SERVER #2 16 slots --- [LCDLC] Unofficial server
SERVER #3 10 slots --- [LCDLC] Arena maps - Last Man Standing
SERVER #4 10 slots --- [LCDLC] RUMBLE CTF 24/7
SERVER #5 32 slots --- [LCDLC] TeamSpeak3 server

all servers are running on version 4.3.1


16.12.07 The EAGLE server is back online, running on version 4.3.1 !!
16.10.04 All servers are closed, we are currently upgrading to 4.3
16.06.23 No more bot on Unoff, and rolled back to previous mapcycle
14.08.14 In-games stats web section is now closed, still working in game with !xlrstats b3 command
Tshirts available. Help donate to the server, buy a shirt!!!
Check out the new addition on the donation page.


No cheating or hacking.
No intentional teamkilling, that includes shooting at your teammate without killing them.
Do not be annoying, do not spam the chat or radio.
Do not steal our clan tag.

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