Basic Requirements
  • You must be at least 18.
  • A forum account and being active on the forum. This is the easiest way for us to keep you notified and also provides a place to share ideas.
  • A mature attitude and the ability to communicate effectively with people of varying beliefs and social tendencies. Not everyone is like yourself.
  • Be able to follow a very basic command structure and show appropriate respect to both administration and your fellow members.
  • Be able to respect the rules on LCDLC and always show a good attitude toward the game.
  • As a member you must exemplify your clan at all times.

  • While we are always looking for good players and we really appreciate the fact that you guys want to become members of LCDLC, please be aware that it can take a little time for the process to complete.
  • We like to have an idea of who you are before we put forward whether or not we think it would be good to include you in the clan. The best thing to become member is to play often on our server and get known by our members. We seriously consider all applicants, but please be patient!!
  • So, good luck with your applications, please give us time to consider you and see you in game!


    Please enter your application in this form and hit the "send application" button when done all the information given will remain confidential (totally)

    In-game nick *
    Real Name *
    Location *
    Age *
    Email *
    Any admin experience on UT? *
    Tell us more about yourself, How long have you been playing? What clans if any have you belonged to? Tell us about any admin experience. Don't be brief! *