After a long and courageous battle with cancer, our friend Brian (nade) has passed away.

For those few who didn't know him, he is a major reason why this clan got so big in so little time.

Of Brian i'll alway remember his calming influence on everybody, his laid back and chill attitude and all the time put in to help me, friends and clan on LCDLC.

He was the best to resolve any conflicts within the clan, Brian had this ability because he was an outstanding human being, paired with a lot of wisdom.

After all the time we spent together talking about LCDLC and many, many other things, we became closer friends, and as a friend, i want to send good thought to Brian, to all his family and friends, especially to his nephew Matt.

We'll always remember him..

I'll leave you with an email Matt Horsley (Brian's nephew) sent to Honey last friday..


Hello Debbie,

well sad to say, the email we know was coming...

Brian Horsley passed away yesterday Friday 8-13-2010 peacefully at his home around 5:45 pm. I received a call from my father and I rushed over to say my good byes with my family. He looked at peace and there was a calming environment around him.

Sad to say but I felt he was there. We had a bad couple of years in which my other uncle, in which me and Brian thought of him as our father , passed away. Brian moved in with my aunt, which is his sister to help when his health took a turn for the worst. When this uncle passed away my aunt asked Brian to stay and help her out with everything, which he did and I thanked him for that yesterday after telling him I loved him. He always cares and worries about others than himself.

His last days that he could talk he would mention he want to go to the corner of the room to sit, and asked why, he says that uncle Ralph is there and he looks beautiful. kind of broke my heart. we all loved him and at least I know Ralph will always be around and now I know Brian will too..

I couldn't keep from staring in the corner Friday for anything, just knowing he and my other uncle was there and not suffering. I will send his obituary when I get access.

I hope everything is going good in your life. Stay out of trouble and look forward to keeping up Brian's friendship with you for him. Do what you want to do to memorialize him. He would love it. He loved you guys and hopes you guys continue to kick some ass as he always said. lol. it suck though I only got to play with him a couple of times on urban terror. due to my work schedule and his. but ill treasure everything he offered and will always remember him. PEACE!

Matt Horsley AKA WeStOnMaTt